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As a region committed to its natural environment, Extremadura has endless resources that will get you in the mood for nature.

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Unspoilt nature

As a region committed to its natural environment, Extremadura has endless resources that will get you in the mood for nature.

Just as surprising, or possibly even more, thanks to its cultural and artistic heritage, as well as the diversity of its countryside and surroundings, this land houses various protected areas and nature reserves that will delight any traveller who stops to admire them.

Without a doubt, Monfragüe, in the province of Cáceres, is the insignia of this Extremadura which is defined by nature. The National Park is one of the largest Mediterranean mountain ranges. The Tagus river, which runs through the rolling mountains and extensive pasturelands, is the backbone of this area. And if that wasn't enough, this vast area is located within the Biosphere Reserve with the same name, which covers an amazing 116,160 hectares. In fact, if you are interested in bird watching, you can find some specially protected areas in the reserve, which is the largest and most varied of the region. There is also a great network of trails and lookouts that are great for watching the largest and most dense colony of black vultures in the world. Black storks, griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures are just some of the species that you can see circling the skies of the park.

In addition to the National Park and the Biosphere Reserve, it is also worth mentioning the Cornalvo Nature Reserve, which is one of the best examples of the "dehesa" pastureland ecosystems and traditional exploitation. This area houses the oldest and best preserved Roman reservoir in working order in all of Europe. The most emblematic and unique species in the park, which is also under the threat of extinction, is the black stork.

Tajo International Nature Reserve is the first International Nature Reserve in Europe. Its 25,088 hectares of riverbanks with lush Mediterranean forests are crisscrossed by the Tagus river and the affluent Erjas, Salor and Sever rivers. The black stork and the Iberian imperial eagle are the most sought after species in the park.

There are numerous reserves and natural monuments, protected landscapes, ecological and biodiversity corridors, specially protected areas for birds and many protected natural areas that will continue to amaze you. From a long list of these natural areas, the spectacular Garganta de los Infiernos Nature Reserve in the Valle del Jerte is one of the finest. The Los Barruecos Natural Monument in Malpartida, Cáceres also deserves special attention, as does the Monte Valcorchero Protected Landscape and the Sierra del Gordo mountains in Plasencia. In both cases, their uniqueness lies in the granite outcrops that nature has sculpted over hundreds of years, and whose uniqueness and beauty will not leave you indifferent.


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