Surrounded by wild olive trees, the symbols of this town are its water and its garlic.

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land of garlic and fountains

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Town Council, Plaza de España, 1
06207 Aceuchal , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • Surrounded by wild olive trees, the symbols of this town are its water and its garlic.

    Located between Villalba and Almendralejo, on plains of red clay soil and surrounded by wild olive trees, Aceuchal is one of the most representative towns of the region: Tierra de Barros. The town is thought to have been founded by King Alfonso XI, who belonged to the Templars, but it was granted its status as a town by the Catholic Monarchs. 

    The town is built south of the confluence of a number of streams, which join together to form the Cien Arroyos (Hundred Streams). The area is scattered with strange rock formations, such as the Librito, the Camita del Señor and the Cocina

    Aceuchal is also a land of wells and fountains. Don't miss those known as La Abundancia, Abajo, Zarza, Buen Hombre, Leoncio, La Pocilla, Las Alberquitas and, of course, the Pozo del Garbanzo and the Casas Moras

    And as you stroll through the village, make sure you visit the San Pedro Apóstol parish church, a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, with a tower that looks like a fortress at its feet.

    You might also be interested in visiting the only remaining example of monastic architecture in the town: the former Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Dominican convent. This has an interesting 17th- to 18th-century altarpiece and other art works, such as the 17th-century Seville-style tilework.

    You are bound to be attracted by the bronze statue of a garlic seller, by Fulgencio León Manchego. Garlic is one of the products traditionally associated with Aceuchal, hence the popular nickname for the locals of "piporros".

    And you can't leave without trying the traditional Antruejo soup, with its pork and chopped garlic broth, or one of the typical sweets such as Aceuchal-style fried milk pudding. 

    And if you are visiting on 3 May, this is the date of the Las Cruces fiesta, when the people of Aceuchal decorate their balconies with flower crosses and charms representing "La Entrega", a sacramental act in honour of Saint Helena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine.


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