This rural town in south-east Extremadura has a unique climate.

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History and nature hand in hand

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Azuaga , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • This rural town in south-east Extremadura has a unique climate.

    The Azuaga area has been inhabited since ancient times, as demonstrated by the remains found close to the village of La Cardenchosa, including a menhir standing stone and dolmens. Remains have also been found from the Age of Metals, including funerary items now in the Badajoz Archaeological Museum and golden toque necklaces now in the National Archaeology Museum.

    The local sights include the Miramontes castle, the Nuestra Señora de la Merced and Cristo del Humilladero churches and, particularly, the Nuestra Señora de la Consolación parish church, the largest religious building in the province, after Badajoz cathedral. Work started on the Nuestra Señora de la Consolación church in the late-15th century and was completed in the early-16th century. It has been declared a Cultural Heritage Site. It dates from the last flowering of the Gothic, with "Manueline" influences mixed with the incipient Renaissance style. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive examples of religious architecture in southern Extremadura.

    If you would like to find out more about the socio-cultural history of this special region, you can visit the fantastic Ethnographic Museum, which is built around contributions from the town and the region's citizens.

    Rural tourism and open-air activities enable you to discover every corner and secret of the town of Azuaga and the village of Cardenchosa. The activities on offer include nature tours and routes to visit springs and drinking fountains. The area also boasts a wonderful wealth of flora and fauna, including a magnificent variety of local birdlife. There can be nothing like seeing an Imperial Eagle or Griffon Vulture in flight, or the excitement of seeing hundreds of birds -cranes, egrets and great bustards- flying over the countryside. All of these can be seen in the Sierra de Azuaga peri-urban leisure and conservation park.

    One of the most important environmental resources in the area is the controlled hunting of local species, such as partridge, hares, doves, rabbits, deer and wild boar.

    Some of the best nature tours available include the Sierra de Azuaga, the Guadalcanal corridor, the Arroyo Peinado route to Cardenchosa and trekking along the Bembézar river. Or, why not take a stroll to discover some of the springs and drinking fountains, which will help you to understand the ancient culture, visiting places of interest, such as water sources.

    In addition to history and nature, the town's cultural life is rich in fiestas and traditions, including:

    • The Trade Fair from the Extremadura Southern Countryside (FECSUR)
    • Night Route (last Friday of July)
    • August Fair (from 14th to 18th)
    • InterRegional Fair of Traditional Commerce (November)
    • Living Belen (Sunday before Christmas Eve)
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