CITUR (Hunting and Fishing Tourism Trade Fair)

Hunting and Fishing Tourism Trade Fair in the municipality of Cíjara.

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  2. CITUR (Feria del turismo de caza y pesca)

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06692 Helechosa de los Montes , Badajoz (Extremadura)

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  • Hunting and Fishing Tourism Trade Fair in the municipality of Cíjara.

    CITUR has become a benchmark event, being committed to promoting nature tourism and the utilization of local resources as a reference point of sustainable development in the territory, mainly Helechosa de los Montes and other towns and villages in the municipality of Cijara.

    This event focuses on showcasing the territory’s resources, especially those that best represent the region and the nearby towns and villages such as: rural and nature tourism (active tourism, inland tourism, cultural and leisure activities...), the entrepreneurial exploitation of the forest (timber, energy, ancillary industries...), and local food products (derived from hunting, cheese, wine, oil...). These three activities are the premises on which the event is organized, both in the planning and selecting of the activities to be held throughout the event as well as the exhibitors coming to the fair every year to present their products and services to the public.

    PROGRAM 2019

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