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El Capricho de Cotrina

One of the most curious constructions in Spain and reminiscent of Gaudí.

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Modern monument

Location and Contact:

C/ Capricho de Cotrina, s/n
06230 Los Santos de Maimona , Badajoz (Extremadura)
Opening times

Sábados mañana concertar cita.

Sábados tarde de 16:30 a 18h
Domingos y festivos: 9-14h y 16:30-18h

Sábados tarde de 17 a 21h
Domingos y festivos: 9-14h y 17-21h

  • One of the most curious constructions in Spain and reminiscent of Gaudí.

    This curious construction known as the Capricho de Cotrina is located close to the Sierra de San Cristóbal and the cross of the roads Ex – 101 and Ex – 364.

    It is a modern building, reminiscent of the work of Gaudí. Construction began in 1989 and today it has a surface area of approximately 183 square metres. It is the work of the imagination of its creator, Francisco González Gragera who, according to his young daughter's wishes, wanted a country house that was completely different to the rest and looked like the castle or palace of a princess from a fairy tale.

    The building is built using limestone masonry, cement mortar and brick and decorated with multi-coloured mosaics. The result of all that is a play of curves and round shapes finished with ornamental figures. We could say that that art is camouflaged in nature, forgetting about the rigid straight lines.

    It is intended to be inhabited as a house and inside are all the rooms of a modern home. Outside there are other constructions that respond to the same style a pond with waterfall, a marble workshop, a fountain etc. The house has appeared in the visual and written media many times, and in publications dedicated to curious construction in Spain, with many letters sent from overseas praising the work.

  • Origin:
  • 20th century
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