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Roman bridge at Alcántara

A massive Roman construction that will amaze visitors.

Silver Way meeting point

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Avenida de Mérida, 21
10980 Alcántara , Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • A massive Roman construction that will amaze visitors.

    Crossing the River Tajo, this huge work of architecture rises up, built by Cayo Julio Lácer in 2nd century A.D. and the three qualities are reflected in it that were required of any construction of this type: firmness, beauty and utility. Its creator left these words in writing: Pontem perpetui masvrvm in secula mundi (the bridge that will remain standing throughout the centuries of the world).

    The town of Alcántara came after the bridge already existed, as it started out as a communication route between villages of the empire. Alcántara means "the bridge" in Arabic.

    Later, this bridge would be key for military order in Alcántara, as it was the only point of access to the town from Portugal, thus making the town an unassailable fort.

    Nowadays, the traveller will be awed by the grandeur and beauty of the construction. 180 metres long and almost 9 wide, the Roman bridge of Alcántara, built of granite, rises up over columns that form six perfect arches.

    Right in the middle is the arch of triumph, where we can read the names of the towns that help to build it, some of which have disappeared with the passage of time.

  • Origin:
  • 2nd century
  • Construction:
  • Bridge
  • Art period:
  • Roman
  • Period in history:
  • 2nd century


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