Valencia del Mombuey

In Badajoz's Jerez-Sierra Suroeste region, this town is an essential stop on a wine tour.

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The land of fine wine

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Plaza de España, 1
06134 Valencia del Mombuey , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • In Badajoz's Jerez-Sierra Suroeste region, this town is an essential stop on a wine tour.

    Valencia de Mombuey is part of the D. O. Ribera del Guadiana wine route. So, if you decide to take this fine wine route, be sure to visit.

    Whilst staying, visit the 3500 BC Celtic settlement outside the town. The "letreros de Nijata", war paintings with numerous stone engravings, have been preserved.

    A funerary dolmen, usually called the "piedra pinchá”, is to be found near the Ardila river, with a number of windmills worth visiting nearby.

    The Roman bridge, or old bridge as it is more commonly known, is one of the Roman remains in Valencia de Mombuey.

    The Las "brujas" visitors' nature centre provides everything you need to know about an eco-system full of beautiful pine trees on the banks of the Ardila river, very close to Noudar castle.

    You might also be interested in visiting the remains of the Visigoth town set in Extremaduran dehesa pastureland, used for many years by shepherds tending their flocks.

    It is also worth visiting the chapels of Santa Bárbara and San Benito, which is in the Lower-Extremadura country style, with an inverted brick dome.

    In the town itself, remember to visit the Purísima Concepción church, on which work began in the 14th century, but was not completed until the 18th century. Some of the most interesting features of this include the chancel, with ribbed vaulting covered in attractive paintings, and the Baroque altarpiece.

    The Marqués de Valdeterrazo mansion (now the cultural centre) and the "council" corral building, a stone enclosure with a roof for the animals and a small living space for the "corralera", which can still be seen at the front of this unusual council service.

    Food and wine go hand in hand here. Don't forget to try the gazpacho, migas breadcrumbs, caldereta stew and gurumelo mushrooms. The local sweets include"prestines", "roscas fritas", "perrunillas" and "flores". And goat's cheese.

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