Ambroz Valley and Tierras de Granadilla

Cultural heritage, natural beauty spots and ornithology come together in these two regions of the province of Cáceres.

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Water, nature and beautiful villages

Cultural heritage, natural beauty spots and ornithology come together in these two regions of the province of Cáceres.

Located in the north of Cáceres province, between the region of Las Hurdes and the Valley, you will find the Valley of Ambroz. The landscape, which is comprised of a mountainous area full of holm-oaks, chestnut trees and pine groves, changes, as one moves from Plasencia towards Baños de Montemayor or Hervás, from meadow and pasture land to high mountain scenery.

This region will definitely appeal to you if you like fishing and water sports. Also, if you consider yourself an experienced mountaineer, take advantage of the winter to climb up the snowy mountainsides.

Birdwatchers come to the Ambroz Valley to spot all kinds of fowl: those that inhabit the forest, mountains, brush, meadow, crops and aquatic birds.

In this region, you will also find some emblematic trees, of the many that are scattered around Extremadura. Do not miss the birch wood of Puerto de Honduras, the enormous chestnut trees of Casas del Monte and Segura de Toro, and the La Fresneda cork-oak in Aldeanueva del Camino.

With regard to the region's wealth of monuments, the highlights are the Jewish quarter of Hervás, and the palace of Sotofermoso, located in Abadía, both of which have been declared historical and artistic sites, as well as the Baños de Montemayor baths, and Aldeanueva del Camino. The latter two villages are on the Silver Route.

The Ambroz Valley is the venue for two highly relevant events: Los Conversos in Hervás, and the Magical Autumn, declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Spain.

The heart of the neighbouring district of Tierras de Granadilla lies in the Gabriel y Galán reservoir, construction of which led to the abandonment of the beautiful village of Granadilla. It is now being rehabilitated and can be visited, with its town wall and castle.

In Guijo de Granadilla you can visit the museum-house of the poet Gabriel y Galán. And in the municipality of Oliva de Plasencia, you simply must visit the Roman town of Cáparra.

There is also a district with a monumental tree here: the Romanejo or El Acarreadero Oak, in Cabezabellosa.

The gastronomy of both regions is sure to delight anyone's palate.

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