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Extremadura is not only a destination where you can visit its extensive historical and artistic heritage; you can also go to festivals of music of all kinds and all styles.

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Rhythms for all tastes

Extremadura is not only a destination where you can visit its extensive historical and artistic heritage; you can also go to festivals of music of all kinds and all styles.

Music is also part of the attraction of Extremadura. Rock, with festivals such as the Extremúsika (April) in Cáceres or the Mayorga Rock Fest (September) in Plasencia, the home town of the group Extremoduro, is a type of music with strong links to the region.

The Contemporary Festival (August), which is one of the most consolidated events of the indie circuit, is held in Olivenza.


Different music from all over the world comes together once a year in Cáceres during the WOMAD (May), an international festival of ethnic music, handicrafts, and other leisure activities which are held in the historical city centre of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Artists from all over the world connected with dance and traditional music take part in the International Folklore Festival of Extremadura (July) in Badajoz and in the Plasencia International Folk Festival (August). The Magusto, the International Celtic Folk Festival (October), attracts many enthusiasts to the village of Carbajo in the province of Cáceres, while the International Festival of Fregenal de la Sierra (July/August) which has recently been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest makes this town a point of reference for this genre. In its turn, traditional Irish music has its space in the Irish Fleadh Festival in Cáceres (October) with concerts, workshops, and a closing session on the flight of steps of the Arco de la Estrella.          

Blues and jazz also have their place during the Cáceres Blues Festival (October) and the Badejazz International Jazz Festival (November) in Badajoz.

Flamenco is also another of the musical genres with close links to Badajoz, of which the greatest exponent is the singer Porrina. His statue can be seen in the heart of the city's historical centre, which holds the Badasom flamenco and fado festival (July), a cross-border event with music from Spain and Portugal. You can also enjoy flamenco at the "Las Minas de Aldea Moret" Festival (December) in Cáceres.


Classical music has its place at the Iberian Music Festival (May-June) in Badajoz and the International Music Festival in Marvao in Portugal and Valencia de Alcántara (July); this town of the province of Cáceres was the venue for this event in 2018.

The City of Trujillo International Music Festival (July) takes place in the Gardens of La Viña and the Palacio de los Duques de San Carlos in this tourist town of Extremadura. The International Guitar Festival (July) of Coria and the "Norba Caesarina" International Classical Guitar Encounter (November) in Cáceres make both places points of reference for both public and professionals of this instrument.

Independent music brings together followers who make the pilgrimage to the iconic location of Don Benito, where electronic music is experienced and danced to at the Hebben Live Festival (July).

The heritage city of Mérida and its Stone & Music Festival (May) includes music of very diverse genres as does the Festivalino of Pescueza (April) and the VeraSummer Festival (August) of Losar de la Vera, which is situated in a privileged environment surrounded by nature and natural swimming pools.

Other well consolidated festivals which should be mentioned are "Los Palomos" in Badajoz (June), "Music Day" in Zalamea de la Serena (July) and the "Horteralia" Festival in Cáceres (November).


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Tricks for the real music lover

Located in towns and cities of tourist interest, the official conservatoires of Extremadura, (Mérida, Cáceres, Badajoz, Plasencia, Almendralejo, Don Benito, and Montijo) provide both training and varied cycles throughout the year. In its turn the Extremadura Orchestra has a full programme which is renewed each season.


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