Iberian Flavour

Try exquisite flavours experience the zenith of the gastronomy of Extremadura.

All the better to eat you with

Try exquisite flavours experience the zenith of the gastronomy of Extremadura.

Upon hearing the word 'ibérico' the first thing that comes to mind is Iberian ham. And it is precisely in Extremadura where one of the best cured hams of the Iberian Peninsula is made, due to the large extension of dehesa, or pasture lands, in the region. The pigs, which have long, fine, muscular legs, are used to running several kilometres in search of acorns every day - a foodstuff which, along with the pasture, gives their meat that singular texture, flavour and fragrance. Like the rest of the cold meats: cured loin, black pudding, chorizo, spiced sausage, blood sausage...

In general, all of Extremadura's gastronomy is top quality. Because who could resist trying one of the region's stews or a dish of migas, chanfaina or zorongollo? Simply, yet very delicious cuisine.

And if we start talking about desserts... A portion of técula mécula, the recipe for which is guarded jealously by the bakery in Olivenza where it is made; arrope (grape concentrate), perrunillas (cookies), bollos de chicharrones (sweets made with pork crackling), hornazos (pies), sapillos or repápalos en leche (fritters)... Because something sweet always goes down well.

And sweet indeed are the region's fruits, starting with the cherries, of which Extremadura is the first producer in Spain and the holder of the "Cereza del Jerte" Denomination of Origin. But it is also an important producer of plums as the region ranks number one in Europe in terms of volume.

The cheeses are important, too, so much so that it is said that in the Middle Ages they were used as currency. The Tortas del Casar, the cheeses of La Serena and Los Ibores, all of which have Denomination of Origin, are famous. And you can also try some of the goat's cheeses from La Raya, a goat's cheese from Gata, from Las Hurdes, from Castiblanco or from La Vera...

And what could be better to wash down these delicacies with than a local wine, from the Ribera del Guadiana Denomination of Origin? Or a pitarra wine. And to finish up, let's drink a toast to your trip with a glass of cava from Almendralejo: to the gastronomy tour of Extremadura you are about to embark on... Welcome to a new world of flavour - of Iberian flavour.


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