Jerte Valley and La Vera

One of the lushest areas in the region, whose beauty peaks in springtime. A pleasure in all senses.

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Springtime spectacle in a land rich in water

One of the lushest areas in the region, whose beauty peaks in springtime. A pleasure in all senses.

La Vera

It was not by chance that Emperor Charles V chose the Monastery of Yuste, in Cuacos de Yuste, to spend his final years. Here, humanity and nature live in perfect harmony, making this place a peaceful sanctuary. If you enjoy wandering about enjoying the landscape, you may enjoy the different trekking routes, such as the Charles V Route, which follows the steps of the Emperor in his trip to the Monastery of Yuste across magic canyons and peaks.

La Vera has a remarkable cultural heritage; in fact, several towns on this county are classified as Sites of Historical or Artistic Heritage, such as Pasarón de la VeraCuacos de YusteGarganta la OllaValverde de la Vera and Villanueva de la Vera, a true open-air museum which makes visitor travel to the past.

La Vera peppers are one of the key elements in the cuisine of the area. Dried and then ground to be turned into pimentón, the local paprika, which even has its own designation of origin, it has emerged as a key element in traditional Extremeñan cuisine. If you’d like to know more about the area's red gold you cannot miss the Museo del Pimentón in Jaraíz de la Vera.

One of the typical images of is the Garganta de Alardos in the municipality of Madrigal de la Vera. Besides, natural pools, streams, waterfalls and ponds shall be your best friends in the scorching summers, and will help you to connect with nature. Thus, spaces like the Lake of Jaraíz, in Jaraíz de la Vera, the Garganta de Cuartos in Losar de la Vera or the Garganta of Gualtaminos in Villanueva are all a must.

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Valle del Jerte

Also known as the Valley of the Cherries, since the Jerte cherries are the most iconic product of the area. The Jerte cherry has its own Designation of Origin, and its great quality and international fame make it very sought-after indeed. Cherry trees and the white veil of cherry tree blossoms are the great attraction of a Festival of National Tourist Interest: the Fiesta del Cerezo en Flor, or the Cherry Blossom festival. It is a unique visual spectacle that announces the arrival of spring.

The Garganta de los Infiernos Natural Reserve is a clear example of how water has shaped the landscape, with the course of streams, waterfalls and natural pools that constitute a true natural paradise. You may enjoy a refreshing plunge in its many bathing areas, such as the kettles in the area of Los Pilones, large pools excavated by water erosion or, the Chorrero de la Virgen, an impressive waterfall.

There are many panoramas in which to admire the landscape of the Valle del Jerte. One of them is the Mirador de la Memoria, where, besides magnificent views over the valley and the Sierra de Tomantos, visitors can admire the touching memorial to the forgotten victims of the Spanish Civil War.

Visitors who enjoy travelling on two wheels must visit the BTT Centre in the Valle del Jerte, which offers the best alternatives to discover the valley in detail: it provides over 160 km of tracks, configuring 6 perfectly signalled with different degrees of difficulty, such as Cordel del Valle, Monte Reboldo or Pinos de Tornavacas.

If you like trekking, the Alta Extremadura Route will test your strength with peaks such as the Alto de Castifrío, however, the reward for the climb is la glacial landscape of a magical beauty.

Those who like a rush of adrenaline will especially enjoy canyoning in the Los Papúos canyon, full of rappels, jumps, pools and slides; the funniest and most complete canyoning course in the area.

Other canyons such as Las Nogaledas, Hoyos, Chorro de la Ventera, Vadillo, Arbillas or La Hoz, with different ranges of difficulty, are suitable for both experts and first-timers. Other exciting activities, such as paragliding or climbing can also be practised here; they are especially enjoyable in spring or autumn.

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A visit to these areas of the northern province of Cáceres is never complete without a visit to the town of Plasencia.


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