Ribera del Guadiana Wine and Cava Route

Take a surprising trip where wine is the driving force behind what will be the best option for discovering Extremadura, its wine culture and all the pleasures of life it offers in this area

Much more than wine

  • Take a surprising trip where wine is the driving force behind what will be the best option for discovering Extremadura, its wine culture and all the pleasures of life it offers in this area

    About twenty municipalities of Badajoz make up the Ribera del Guadiana Wine and Cava Route. By completing this route you'll cover just about every corner of the districts of Tierra de Barros, Zafra and Río Bodión. The municipalities of Aceuchal, Almendralejo, Fuente del Maestre, Hornachos, La Albuera, Santa Marta de los Barros, Puebla de la Reina, Puebla de Sancho Pérez, Ribera del Fresno, Los Santos de Maimona, Torremejía, Villafranca de los Barros, Villalba de los Barros and Zafra are all included in this tour.

    Ruta del Vino Ribera del Guadiana

    An authentic and original route letting your senses travel as it includes a wide range of such activities as visits to wineries, tasting, and sharing your table with the best wines in the company of the key gastronomic products of Extremadura. These experiences can be rounded off with a visit to the Museum of Wine Sciences in Almendralejo. And the best news is that your trip can be made to measure.

    Because as its motto suggests, the Ribera del Guadiana Wine and Cava Route is much more than wine. It is a unique opportunity to really get to know the province of Badajoz, its history, its culture, its gastronomy, its nature, its people...

    Furthermore, if you are interested in history and culture, a superb selection of historic and cultural sites are available to you. Focus your getaway on visiting archaeological sites, remains of Roman villas, burial grounds, monasteries and castles, specimens of Mudejar architecture or ancestral homes, ethnographic elements related to the activity of each area, the indelible footprints of the Military Orders of Santiago and of the Temple, who defended strategic points on the borders from the second half of the 12th century in exchange for extensive properties, and so on...

    But there is still more, because if you are a nature lover, the Ribera del Guadiana Wine and Cava Route is full of opportunities for organising birdwatching trips in the mountains of Sierra Grande de Hornachos and the wetlands of La Albuera. It is also a great choice if your preference is for combining enotourism with sporting and active tourism: horse riding, 4x4s, trekking, climbing, orienteering, fishing, kayaking, cycle touring, etc.

    And if all you want to do is to relax and leave your worries behind, then you should go for the gastronomic choice and bathe in wine at the El Raposo spa. Vinotherapy is in fashion!

    This route can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

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    Wine and Cava Route Experiences

  • Distance:
    205 km


    • Gastronomy

    Type of Transport:

    • Motor vehicle
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a Hornachos

Tourist destination

Being aware of their Moorish past, the people of Hornachos have focused on understanding and recovering their history with Morocco


Hornachos, Badajoz (Extremadura)

Villafranca de los Barros

b Villafranca de los Barros

Tourist destination

This town in the province of Badajoz has a long musical tradition, as is borne out by its local festivals, but in addition it has fertile lands where wine with protected denomination of origin is produced.


Plaza de España, 11 Villafranca de los Barros, Badajoz (Extremadura)

Los Santos de Maimona

c Los Santos de Maimona

Tourist destination

This town is liberally dotted with chapels, giving rise to one theory about the origins of its name.


Calle Dr. Fernández Santana, 1 Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz (Extremadura)

Zafra — stately and market-like

d Zafra — stately and market-like

Tourist destination

Situated in the south of Extremadura, Zafra is a charming town, and one buzzing with life thanks to the hospitality of its inhabitants, known in Spanish as "Segedanos".


Plaza de Pilar Redondo Zafra , Badajoz (Extremadura)


e Feria

Tourist destination

Declared a Site of Historic and Artistic Interest.


Town Hall, Plaza de España, 1 Feria, Badajoz (Extremadura)

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